Good wife material

I guess I can be a very good friend because I know how to listen and I am brave enough to ask those hard questions (same that I ask myself). And I make time to call, to write, to press “send”.

Maybe I can be an amazing mother because I can empathize in a very deep way with my children or maybe it’s because I search for their every reason.

But I don’t think I am a good wife material. Because I cook but not for fun and I do expect something in return. Maybe a good wife never says let’s go to therapy. Maybe she just makes you tea even when you’re not sick. And she never says things like: I want to be seen, to be loved, to be adored! ALL THE TIME

I am offering myself like an wide open table with all the goods on it. Warm and delicious food, desserts, and everything anyone could wish for, all at once. I do that from head to toe, inside out, and call myself “opened”. Maybe I am just available.

Can we want what we already have?

A question I ask myself everyday.

Ilustrație de Ana Bănică, în a+b, 2015

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